The Kitts Band are the fully live version of The Kitts (for our DJ-live version, see The Kitts Project). The Kitts Band are available in a wide range of line-up options, ranging from a 7 piece right up to 28 piece orchestra.


Our line-ups are versatile & scalable, with exciting additions available to suit your event & budget - get in touch to enquire about the right line-up to fit your budget.

Popular line-ups include:

* 7-piece: 2 female singers, 1 male singer, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar & keyboards
* 10-piece: Add a 3 piece horn section: saxophone, trumpet, trombone

* 15-piece: add 2 stunning choreographed dancers, extra male & female singers (5 singers total!), and percussion
* Kitts Orchestra: an extravaganza of 5 singers, 5 rhythm, 6 horns, 4 electric strings & dancers

The Kitts features a pool of the most prolific and talented session vocalists in the world. They have performed with the who's who of the UK's top 40 and some have featured on hit songs in their own right. 

Drums, bass, guitar and keys - the Kitts singers are backed by an unbeatable dream team rhythm section made up of incredible world class musicians. 

Nothing fills the dance floor like the punch of the Kitts killer horn section, bookable either as individual saxophone, 3-piece section (trumpet, saxophone, trombone) or powerful 6-piece.

The Kitts bring in either a solo female electric violinist or a 4-piece all-female electric string section (2 violins, viola & cello) to enrich the tunes with soaring string lines.

Two stunning professional female dancers perform high-energy choreographed routines to add a visual highlight to any event and encourage your guests to hit the dance floor. 

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