The Kitts are the ultimate party band and have been packing out dance floors at the most beautiful events in the world for over a decade. They perform from 3 piece to 28 piece, with tight horns, elegant strings, choreographed dancers & Kitts Project house DJ on tap to accompany their killer rhythm section and the world's most prolific session singers. The Kitts set list is a back-to-back compendium of the funkiest ever dancefloor hits, from massive current chart anthems through to the soul & motown classics of the 70s & 80s, and everything in between.

Popular line-ups include:

* 5-piece Kitts Project: DJ, 2 female vox, male vox, saxophone
* 7-piece Kitts Band: 2 female singers, 1 male singer, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar & keyboards

* 10-piece Kitts Band: Add a 3 piece horn section: saxophone, trumpet, trombone

* 15-piece Kitts Band & Project: Add 2 stunning choreographed dancers, extra male & female singers (5 singers total!), and DJ
* Kitts Orchestra: An extravaganza of 5 singers, 5 rhythm, 6 horns, 4 electric strings & dancers


"Wow what can I say, you guys were incredible, you certainly know how to get a party started! Our wedding guests were blown away and are still talking about it. It was the best night of our lives."

—  Dec Donnelly